Medicine wheel native american astrology

Medicine: The word medicine does not refer simply to healing as it does to western man.

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Anything that promotes harmony with all creation is medicine. An illness was not so much a disease, rather, it was a disharmony in the soul of a person. Power Animals: Spiritual leaders of tribes have long looked to the animals that came into their as messengers. There was great respect for those tribal members who could interpret the messages. For each Medicine Wheel reading, animal energy is requested to come forth to help the seeker. The medicine of the animals is the specific energy of the animal involved that will help a person to reconnect to Great Spirit. When and why a person uses an Animal Medicine Wheel: A person can do a medicine wheel at any time of their life.

Many people at this time have an affinity for Native American philosophy; others have an affinity for animals.

Medicine Wheel Astrology, Orion Plain and Simple

A reason for getting a reading would be to know what energies represented by specific animals are here to help them. A person beginning a project would ask a specific question to help them progress on their path of changes more easily.

Native American Zodiac & Astrology vs Western Astrology

This is because the person has the free will to choose their direction, and it is best left up to their inner knowing to decide. The animals help them choose the best path. In a circle of love and light, the seven directions and animals are called upon to serve as a guide to those who request a reading. Because a person has requested a wheel, it is assumed that the person is making their higher self available to the help offered by the animals and the directions they choose.

If the reading is a gift, I ask permission of the recipient through intuitive means. It is rare that I do not receive permission to provide the service when presented as a gift. However I do ask people to understand if I need to reject an order based upon this guidance.

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The important thing is that the client also respect the energy of the animals. I do my best to make this clear in the initial reading. It is not enough to ask for help; a person must be open to it and thankful for it. The animals are selected through the use of their pictures or names on a deck of cards used for that purpose. The wheel has 28 spokes, the same number used in the roofs of ceremonial buildings such as the Lakota Sundance lodge.

These always includes an entrance to the east, facing the rising Sun, and include 28 rafters for the 28 days in the lunar cycle.

Native American Medicine Wheel

The number 28 is sacred to some of the Indian tribes because of its significance as the lunar month. In Bighorn's case, could the special number 28 also refer to the helicial or dawn rising of Rigel 28 days past the Solstice, and Sirius another 28 past that?

More below. Prayer offerings are left at Medicine Wheel, even now. Construction: The wheel was constructed by Plains Indians between years ago, and has been used and maintained by various groups since then. The central cairn is the oldest part, with excavations showing it extends below the wheel and has been buried by wind-blown dust. It may have supported a central pole. The star alignments are most accurate for around AD, since slight changes in the Earth's orbit have caused perturbations since.

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  5. The solstice alignments remain accurate today. The Bighorn wheel is part of a much larger complex of interrelated archeological sites that represent years of Native American adaptation to and use of the alpine landscape that surrounds Medicine Mountain. Numerous contemporary American Indian traditional use ceremonial staging areas, medicinal and ceremonial plant gathering areas, sweat lodge sites, altars offering locales and fasting vision quest enclosures, can be found nearby. Ethnohistoric, ethnographic, and archeological evidence demonstrates that the Medicine Wheel and the surrounding landscape constitute one of the most important and well preserved ancient Native American sacred site complexes in North America.

    Astronomical Alignments: In , an archaeoastronomer named Jack Eddy visited this Medicine Wheel and studied its alignments, that is, its arrangements of rocks, cairns, and spokes.

    The Cross and the Medicine Wheel

    He found the arrangements point to the rising and setting places of the Sun at summer solstice, as well as the rising places of Aldebaran in Taurus, Rigel in Orion, and Sirius in Canis Major -- all bright, important stars associated with the Solstice. Later another astronomer, Jack Robinson, found a cairn pair that marked the bright star Fomalhaut's rising point with the Sun 28 days before solstice.

    Sighting from cairn E through the center hub which may have supported a pole marks the summer solstice sunrise. Sighting from C through the center marked the equivalent solstice sunset. Standing at cairn F, one could sight the once-yearly dawn, or heliacal , risings of the key stars Aldebaran, Rigel, and Sirius, which play symbolic roles in an ancient Cheyenne Massaum ceremony and are also important stars in the sacred Lakota circle constellation "The Animal".